Is the Storage and Intended Use of Solar Panels in Kansas Tied to Uyghur Forced Labor

Is the Storage and Intended Use of Solar Panels in Kansas Tied to Uyghur Forced Labor

We have learned through the hearings on a special (Interconnection Queue Transmission Line 357kVBlackberry/Wolf Creek) that the Kansas Corporation Commission (KCC) has relinquished their power of Cost Allocation to the SPP and during the CCN ( Certificate of Convenience & Necessity) licensing hearing for Nextera Transmission LLC, the KCC relinquished their rights to oversee the licensing to the SPP.

Solar Panels Being Stored in Warehouses Across Kansas - Are They Tied to Uyghur Forced Labor?

Examples of warehouses in Galesbury, KS and Parsons, KS stocked with thousands of solar panels manufactured by Trinasolar Changzhou, Jiangsu Province, China.

Setting precedence of this magnitude over the control of our electrical grid and the authority that exist in statute for our security of affordable, reliable electric has allowed the Federal Government to dictate our future.  Now the KCC would only intercede for the purpose of eminent domain for numerous Interconnect Queue Transmission Lines in Siting Request because basically the KCC has weaponized Utility Companies with Eminent Domain Authority.

View the docket of approved Green Projects for Kansas that will move thousands of acres of farmland from 63 Counties to the Industrial & Solar tax exempt status.

Linn County alone will lose over 10,000 acres of prime farm land to Solar alone with Battery Storage Sites that are of a undisclosed design.  In perspective that would be the size of 4 Truman Sports Complexes with estimated  50 million panels 7 foot high to general over a Giga Watt of Solar Power.

The pressure is on County Commissioners that are not well informed and will be signing up for a lot of unknowns for landowners. It is time for our Kansas Congressional Envoy (both Republican and Democrat) to intercede in this Bidenomics experiment.

Boots on the ground are needed to pressure Attorney General Kris Kobach to use whatever tools he has to secure land ownership.

The numerous Special Transmission Lines will be the next shoe to drop on Landowners that are facing high taxes on increased assessed values, inflationary prices on farming, and a cost of living that removing $10K from family budgets.

Click Here to view Citizen Virginia Macha’s research into the issue of solar panels being stored and used in Kansas that may be tied to unethical treatment of humans.  And her request to Congress to investigate violations of the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act as it pertains to storage and intended use of solar panels in the state of Kansas.

“I am submitting this request of our congressional delegation to investigate the storage and use of Solar Panels that arrived in our State of Kansas during and after December of 2021.  Currently the storage of such Solar Panels that could violate federal law and trade agreements are located at the detailed descriptions in the attached letter.   Violations if found of any company or party should be pursued and confiscation of products that violate the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act should be immediate.  Violation of Human Rights must be taken seriously and it is the Job of each one of us to Stand Up Against this kind of atrocity.  It is also jobs to educate the public, promote awareness of atrocities, and offer our Voices when those that cannot speak are being silenced”.


Virgina Macha – Resident of Allen County, KS



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