No Transparency Has Consequences 

Landowners of Kansas are good stewards to the landscape and keep Kansas landscape free of over development of transmission lines. The Commission has held two public hearings and have heard the Clear Message from Kansans, “We will Stand For Our Land at the Cost of Eminent domain.” This Commission has been the Gate Keeper for Over Reaching Regulations, Protecting Utility Customers from High Rates that Hurt Families, and Enforcing the State Statutes for a Open Public Transparent Process.

We ask Commissioners To Stand With Kansas Land Owners and Reject the harmful Siting Plan Proposed by NextEra Southwest in Docket 23-NETE-585-STG and Reconsider the Need For This Project. 1.6 Million Acre Impact for a 96 Miles 345kV Transmission Line that does not Benefit Kansas is Just The Beginning Nightmare of the Industrial Expansion of more Lines, more Solar, Wind, more Storage, and Higher Utility Rates for Citizens. We Ask the Commissioners To Stand 4 The Land and Put Kansas First. Thank You!



Why Every Kansan Should Engage in the Public Conversation

What will be the future of Kansas will be determined by Her people and that picture can only be painted by property owners that understand it is ownership of land that inherently secures the individuals rights. The framers of the Constitution treated private property as the cornerstone of a free society and Kansas should do the same. Engaging in the process at the local level will shape the future of our cities, towns and counties. Contact us if we can possibly guide you to resources!



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