Hearing on 2024RS0014 To Put A Lid On Property Taxes

Even with strong public support from Property Owners from across Kansas, numerous County Commissioner letters of support, and Committee Members working to bring this bill to a vote, Tax Relief will not be coming anytime soon without the support of Leadership in Both Bodies. If leadership looks at passing the constitutional amendment to be untimely for the campaign season, then perhaps leadership would investigate the root cause of the over appraised values that are being driven by KDOR’s Division of Property new ORION ASSESSMENT CONNECT SOFTWARE designed by Tyler Technology Inc. SEE CLICK HERE for the details:
The Special Hearing to move a Constitutional Amendment onto the ballot this November would put a LID on assessments, capping them at 4% for any one year if passed. Thanks to hundreds of Property Owners taking action during this week’s special Session to let Legislators know that Property Tax relief can’t come fast enough for Kansan’s.   
The Special Hearing to move a Constitutional Amendment onto the ballot this November would put a LID on property assessments by capping them at 4% for any one year if passed by Voters. 

Senate Committee on Assessment & Tax held a Hearing on 2024RS0014, with Senator Caryn Tyson, Parker, Senator Molly Baumgardner, Louisburg, Senator Chase Blasi, Wichita, Senator Mike Thompson, Shawnee, all weighed in during the testimony.  All expressing their concerns that property values.  The changes to Kansas appraisal system that resulted in inflated property values  has risen to be the top issue in Kansas.

Concerns about value appraisal methods for agricultural land being impacted were put to rest by Senator Blasi and Senator Tyson who clarified some misnomers about the amendment.  This amendment would not repeal the classification sections in place.  It would bring agriculture land under the 4% limit as every property class would be in Kansas, so it would benefit all property. 

Letting Property Owners Decide

Kansas Livestock Association took the only opponent position with a jack wagon roundabout demonstration.  KLA submised that the amendment would only increase taxes by shifting burden among the other tax classes like Agriculture. “Our position of our members is that shift the funding of schools away from being funded by property tax” stated Lobbyist Aaron Papaika.  Sen. Baumgardner questioned if that was really the stance of the KLA members?  Sen. Baumgardner ended with  “So it is the  of position of  Kansas Livestock Association to NOT fund to Education?”  

Commissioner Mike Steiben, Leavenworth County, presented a letter of support by all five commissioners encouraging leadership to pass this Resolution to a vote.  Rural Counties like Miami and Linn  have seen as much as a 44% increase in Property valuation.   Those increases cannot be absorbed by property owners.  There would be support for this solution.

Kansas is not the only state where property owners are feeling the pinch and those states are finding avenues for property relief according to Lanell Griffith. 


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In 2024 states like Georgia, Nebraska, Idaho, Colorado, and Michigan have eliminated property tax.   There are another 18 States putting in place guardrails that prevent the government from taxing owners off their land. “The ability to acquire, keep, and sell private property is a basic human right” stated Lanell Griffith, a sign of a free society. 

Stand 4 The Land Kansas thanks the Senators, the Citizens who took the time to testify, the Commissioner who support the Amendment, and all the Property Owners who made the Call to Leadership without success. It is those small courageous actions that push the needle for Freedom back on track.

In Liberty Always


​Leave a detailed message or a phone number or visit us at www.stand4thelandkansas.com  Hope to see you on the trail and remember:  Your voice matters!


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