Having the Courage to Stand Up 4 Kansas Freedom

Freedom is under attack in Kansas, whether it is Speech being silenced or Property Rights being trampled.

About Our Organization

Stand 4 the Land Kansas believes that without land a person has no rights:  No 2nd Amendment to protect his property and family, No Freedom of Speech, No Religious Freedom with regard.

So truly we must take a stand to protect ownership of land and property.  Stand 4 the Land Kansas is a Freeom Project that works towards preserving the American Dream for all, understanding that when Freedom is lost, it is never regained.


Land Ownership Through Our US History

  • The Pilgrims fled an oppressive government that limited their rights to Religious expression, proseperity and free speech.
  • The Revolutionary War was the response to over taxation by the British King.
  • Through the common law, state law, and the Constitution property rights are protected – the rights of people to acquire, use , and dispose of property freely.
  • Your Kansas Land is Your Ticket to Freedom!  Private ownership of land enhances personal freedom.


When All Roads Lead to Freedom

It is our belief when the balance of FREEDOM is tilted in favor of one individual over another, opportunities also become tilted.  Opportunities should be on every corner in America for those that invest time, work hard, dream big, and reach for the sky.  Keeping a watchful eye on special interest and the burdensome cost of government, helps to ensure that FREEDOM remains balanced for all.


Land Ownership Adds Value to Communities

  • Invest in Community through Leadership
  • Shapes Local Government Policy for Prosperity
  • Drices the Local Economy with Jobs and Personal Investment
  • Implements Good Stewardship Policy and Land Preservation
  • Private Investment is the Best Economic Development Money for Your Community

Stand 4 the Land Kansas is a movement to help families, neighbors and communities to better understand: their property rights, over reaching government policies that impact land, and how to engage a community conversation about freedom and how land ownership protects that freedom.

Understanding freedom is not a partisan issue, it is an American issue and solutions to preserve liberty will only happen when citizens make a Stand 4 Their Land!



American Made Stories from Across the USA

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Stand for Kansas Land Ownership, Property Rights and Freedom
Stand for Kansas Land Ownership, Property Rights and Freedom