HB 2527 made it through the House and will be heard by the Senate on Monday March 18, 2024.

HEARING: MONDAY, MARCH 18, 2024, 1:30 PM ROOM 548-S


This Bill at the request of  Evergy is a gift to Evergy and has so many loose ends that have not been addressed in the revisers notes.  Starting with deductions, recouping depreciation, dictating who will receive Economic Development Incentives in the way of discounted electricity, and given authority to establish new procedures in rate cases that leaves KCC and  the Kansas Utility Rate Board under the guidelines established by Evergy.  Costs that were not allowed in Rate Hearings would now be considered and the KCC has no power to intervene in the proceedings.

Evergy would have the authority to determine new power production if built and recoup construction cost in the form of allowable taxiing procedures which will end up on the backs of ratepayers.  Oh, Don’t forget the decommissioning cost of old plants and loan programs that were previously set up during the merger of West Star and KCPL..

There is a lot of untransparent language and ambiguous words that will probably be exposed down the road and there are so many power struggles between KCC, SPP, & KS Energy producers playing out at this moment  to move too fast.

Things to remember about Evergy that have surfaced in the last two years are:

  • Evergy was formed to eliminate duplicate services and are a necessary monopoly with protected territories that Kansas Regulators gave the
  • Evergy is run by a Board of Stockholders that are not Kansans run by controlling stockholders like BlackRock & VanGuard.  (These Hedge Funds also control Spirit, Boeing, Nextera (NEET who also receive those Electric Rate Deals) Those cost are recouped on the backs of  ratepayers.
  • Evergy Controls the Wolf Creek Nuclear Plant which is operating at below 48% capacity (inefficiency will age the life expectancy) and causing utility rates to remain high.
  • Evergy is a Zero Carbon Company and as Intermittent Renewables go online, Kansas will lose Base Load Power Producing Plants that deliver Affordable Reliable Electric as stipulated in the SPP’s Plan.  There is no guarantee that this bill will accelerate retirement.
  • Evergy is orchestrating  and facilitating some questionable actions with their Service Area and the Kansas Electrical COOPs in Kansas. Swapping Service area with COOPS allows the COOPS to submit to the KCC Applications to become a Utility of Kansas with Eminent Domain power.  WHY? Renewable Energy will require land and landowners are facing 1.8 Million Acres of Farm Ground in 63 County’s being at Risk to accommodate Industrial Solar Wind  Battery.  Abatements of these solar fields will cause other taxpayers to burden the cost and County Commissioners are being taxed with decisions that have consequences for all.
  • Evergy is a MO based Corporation and delivers Power to the SPP allowing them to direct the power to wherever and to whom they deem recipient.  A Market based commodity that Kansas Customers may find themselves last inline as in the situation with Storm Uri where Power was shipped to Texas leaving Kansas and Missouri in the Dark with big Bills.

I am asking you to call your Senator or the Senate Committee members and  Kill this Bill in Committee.  SCHEDULE

We appreciate the time you  have taken to stay informed and engaged.  We will respond as quickly as possible and hope we see you along the way.  Leave a detailed message or a phone number or visit us at www.stand4thelandkansas.com  Hope to see you on the trail and remember:  Your voice matters!


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