2023 will go down in Kansas History as the worse Legislative Session when Utilities and Rates are concerned. SB68 is still alive in the Senate, but their is no appetite to bring the ROFR Bill to the Floor. The full court press on legislators by the Utility Lobby is at Fever Pitch with the Capital being ran much like a Detention Center centered around one subject, GREEN ENERGY EXPANSION.

My good Friend and mentor, The Honorable Senator Bob Talkington, would alwaays remind me of “Never count on the Death of a Bill when it reaches the Floor of the Senate. I have seen the Best of The Dead come Alive!” There will be a interim on Utilities addressing this and Eminnent domain powers. Below is more information and points of the ROFR Process.

Seventeen States surrounding Kansas have put in place a policy called Right Of First Refusal when it comes to the Federal Expansion of Transmission Line Construction that Kansas Utility Users will pay for. Although Kansas is a NET ENERGY state where almost 40% of Wind Energy on any given day is Sold on the Wholesale Market to other States, the Regional Energy Governance known as the Southwest Power Pool is integrating Climate Change Policies that have TARGETED Eastern Kansas and Western Missouri as the new Industrial Solar Capital. New opportunities using OATT ( Open Access Transmission Tariffs) will incentivise expansion of a New Energy Market that will spur more Transmission Lines for Renewable energy.

Call Your Senators and ask them to move forward SB 68 for Preservation of the beautiful skies of Kansas.Call your Senatorsor Call Senate Leadership to ask for the SB 68 to be brought to the Senate Floor for Debate and Passage. They must Stand 4 Kansas Land Owners.



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