SB 312 Would Have REQUIRE Cases of Eminent Domain would begin at the Local Level of County Commissioners before LandOwners started racking up Legal Fees to Battle for their Land Rights. Starting a process at a local level is where better decisions are made for Landowners, not Special Interest Profits. Sb312 was not worked by the committee on the final deadline day to get a bill out of Committee, but on the Floor of the Senate, SB312 reared it’s head as an amendment from the floor to be attached to the HB2225 Nextera Bill. Thank you Sen. Tim Shallenberger for a valiant attempt to amend from the floor and the exciting scuttle for leadership to quickly rule it non-germaine was an extra treat. See the video Here:

Late in the Session, SB312 was a Hail Mary for SEKS Landowners that find themselves entangled with a Global Carbon Zero Company, Nextera Transmission, who was given the power of Eminent Domain in 2022 by the Kansas Corporation commission. The hearing held by the Senate Local Government Committee on March 23 was a BIG ATTRACTION for the 50 plus Lobbyist representing interest in taking your land. Testimony was limited to 2 minutes, which is quite a feat for landowners to cram in 18 months of living @@@ to talk about their experience.

Catch the Hearing here: The highlights for observers to walk away with was the toxic enviroment that has been created for Freedom, Individual Rights, and plain old Common Sense. Thank all those that submitted testimony to support SB312, especially those that appeared in person, Marci Laffner, Andover, Rochelle Smart, Garnett, Dean Davied, Girard, Farm Bureau, Kansas Livestock Association, and Representative Carrie Barth.



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